palatinesThe name comes from the Founder, an Italian Priest, named Vincent Pallotti (1795-1850) who lived and exercised his priestly ministry in a very difficult political and social culture. In the wake of the French Revolution and during a period of great political turbulence and anti-clericalism in his native Rome Vincent was part of a Church struggling to maintain it’s identity and religious influence. To counteract this dire situation he had a vision of all Catholics, clergy and laity working together to renew faith and enkindle charity.

He formed a small group of clergy, religious and laity who met regularly and prayed together and tried to give expression to their faith by works of charity. This umbrella group were called Union of Catholic Apostolate. In 1835 he founded the Society of Catholic Apostolate which consisted of Priests and Brothers. He also founded two communities of sisters. His intention was that all those together with committed groups of laity would unite their energies for the welfare of people and the Church. 

The Pallottines or Society of Catholic Apostolate came to the Diocese of Brentwood in 1935 and opened the Parish of St Thomas More. They have continued to service the Parish up the present time. In 2010 we celebrated 75 years of the life of this Parish which was a real milestone in it’s history

The Pallottine Fathers serve across the world but especially in east Africa, southern India, United Kingdom, Ireland, and Rome.